Types of Yoga

Our mission is to spread peace, health and joy through yoga and a yogic way of life.

  • Yoga Asana

    The ancient science of yoga has a holistic approach to fitness & health. In Omkar yoga studio

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  • Meditation

    Turning the awareness inward in silence and experiencing true peace & happiness

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  • Pranayama

    An act that unites every being on the earth is breathing. Breath connects us with the world,

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  • Yoga NIdra

    Dynamic sleep- Deeper access to joy starts with a peaceful and relax mind

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  • Kriya/ Yogic Detox

    Being less conscious about what we eat leads to the building up of toxins within the body.

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  • Yogic Diet/Sattvic diet

    We are what we eat’ is an old wise adage. However, in today’s busy life,

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  • Power of positive thinking

    Life is not a cakewalk. It has it’s as ups and downs, curves and blocks.

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Asanas For some people traditional asanas may not be accessible due to age, weight, injury, and other health…
Ancient wisdom for health Ayurveda is the Indian school of medicine that developed during the Vedic period and…
We offer Mantra Yoga classes to help you to get acquainted with the Vedic mantras. We help you…
Open the stiff joints after hours of sitting at the desk. From the sedentary sitting posture in the…
Our life is an everyday battle. Every minute we have to make a choice that decides how our…
Safe and effective approach for weight reduction and stress management. We start the weight loss program with the…
Asanas– Physically challenging asana practice helps in releasing endorphins and awaken the lethargy/Tamas that usually accompanies serious depression,…
Introducing yoga at a young age can have a profound effect on a child’s physical, mental, and spiritual…

Live Your Yoga

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Most Viewed Today

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If, like me, you are dealing with office work strain and neck-shoulder...
Do you have difficulty getting your heels on the floor...
100 Hour Program focuses on Ayurveda, Diet, Lifestyle, Herbs, Panchkarma..
This programme is a perfect follow on from any...


Be it best Ayurvedic treatments in Kerala, yoga or rejuvenation therapies, your experience at Ayur Rathna Alleppey Ayurvedic Resort will leave you spellbound.

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Our life is an everyday battle. Every minute
we have to make a choice that decides how our
day is going to be. Thus our life is an
array of the choices we make.

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The Year 2017 marked a new beginning in my life when i took an intensive 8-weeks Yoga Teachers Training Program at the Sivananda Ashram Grass Valley and there after envisioned this dream together of creating a pathway to preach authentic classical yogic knowledge – Omkar Yoga Studio.

Our teachings are based purely on the classical yoga sutras Eight-limbed path{Ashtanga Yoga): A safe and step by step approach to reach the goal of self-realization.

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