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We offer Mantra Yoga classes to help you to get acquainted with the Vedic mantras. We help you with the utterance, tone and meaning of Mantras & teach you how, when and where to use Mantras as a tool to help with your spiritual growth.

Mantras are sacred chants in Sanskrit, which when uttered as prayers in a specific tone and frequency has the power to spiritually awaken the practitioner. Mantras create vibrations within the body, which when chanted repeatedly, called Mantra-japa for a prescribed duration stabilizes the body as the Soul awakens in Harmony.

Sanskrit is the primal language which has certain seed sounds that have the power to alter realities. For instance, ‘OM’ is the powerful universal Mantra, the frequency of which embodies Universal consciousness.
Mantra Yoga is an ancient science engaging Sanskrit Mantras. These Mantras were developed ages ago by Indian sages which were memorized and passed on orally generations (as smriti and shruti) before being written down. Later these Mantras became a primary aspect of the Vedas.

Apart from a number of chants invoking and venerating the Gods and various deities in nature, Vedas also have mantras for every ritual performance, ceremonial practices as well as for personal and spiritual evolution.
Mantra Yoga can be practiced in three ways: Baikhari is where the Mantras are chanted loudly engaging the mind and ensuring concentration from all sorts of distractions. Upanshu is the whispering of Mantras that only the practitioner can hear. Manasic is the third level where the Mantras are chanted silently within one’s self. Here the Yogi has attained the required mastery over his mind that endows him full concentration to chant silently, using beads called Japa-mala.

Chanting of mantras with complete concentration and devotion deepens the meditative practice and helps the practitioner to enter into a state of pure consciousness. Vedic Mantras are even used in Ayurveda as a method of treatment to clear the body’s energy channels and to awaken its self healing mechanisms. It has been scientifically proven that chanting of Mantras is beneficial for the nervous system and it helps relieve stress and improve memory.

There are mantras for protection against negative energies. There are mantras which when chanted with devotion secures one luck and prosperity. A daily routine of Mantra chanting during prayer ensure one mental and emotional stability as well as clarity of thought and vision. A rigorous practice along with a Vedantic lifestyle even invokes in us intuition, creativity and wisdom. Mantras help the Yogi to reconnect with the divine which in turn gives him/her inner peace and harmony.

However one should be careful before manipulating the Mantras for personal purposes, as they are very potent and if not used wisely can have adverse effects.

The Year 2017 marked a new beginning in my life when i took an intensive 8-weeks Yoga Teachers Training Program at the Sivananda Ashram Grass Valley and there after envisioned this dream together of creating a pathway to preach authentic classical yogic knowledge – Omkar Yoga Studio.

Our teachings are based purely on the classical yoga sutras Eight-limbed path{Ashtanga Yoga): A safe and step by step approach to reach the goal of self-realization.

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