Chair Yoga/Adapted Asanas

  • Asanas For some people traditional asanas may not be accessible due to age, weight, injury, and other health conditions. Fortunately, we are able to adapt the traditional hatha yoga asanas to suit all levels of mobility. Gentle yoga is available for those who can get up and down somewhat easily from the mat and chair yoga is available for those who cannot. Many of the same benefits are available through chair/gentle yoga that are available by practicing traditional asanas.
  • Pranayama- Breathing exercises purify and balance the energy in the body. It brings focus and clarity to the mind.
  • Yogic Diet– A clean, natural, vegetarian diet promotes healthy mobility of the joints, disease management, and a calm mind.
  • Positive thinking– There is a great healing power in positive thinking patterns. Negative thinking patterns and limiting belief are crippling to the body, mind, and spirit. Positive thinking and meditation can elevate the mind and restore health in all the levels.
  • Relaxation– A state where you are completely free from stress and you can relax in any way. To relax you have to forget all the care and concerns of the day and just feel that peace in the moment. Chair yoga/Adapted asanas helps a person in overcoming the constraint of body and mind by bringing the awareness into the present moment to feel inner peace and deep relaxation

The Year 2017 marked a new beginning in my life when i took an intensive 8-weeks Yoga Teachers Training Program at the Sivananda Ashram Grass Valley and there after envisioned this dream together of creating a pathway to preach authentic classical yogic knowledge – Omkar Yoga Studio.

Our teachings are based purely on the classical yoga sutras Eight-limbed path{Ashtanga Yoga): A safe and step by step approach to reach the goal of self-realization.

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