Power of Positive Thinking

Life is not a cakewalk. It has it’s as ups and downs, curves and blocks.

That is what makes life worth living. It’s the presence of unhappiness that makes happiness better. However, some of us find it very hard to tackle the battle of life. We feel that no matter how hard we try, we go over the same loop of despondency over and over again. How can we escape this and find meaning to our existence.

Nurturing a positive outlook is the most helpful way to look at life. Practicing the habit of thinking positive is the answer. Thoughts are very powerful. It is the powerful thoughts of great minds that became ideas that revolutionized the world. Thoughts create vibrations that have the power to create and destroy. Thus we must be very careful about what we think. Now that we know this, how can we get rid of our negative thoughts which are like viruses in our mind?

Be happy for the little good things. Engage in activities that make you feel better. Be with people who gives you joy. Explore new things. Learn a new skill. Do art. Go on an adventure. Travel. Teach. Celebrate life. Give life its credit.
After doing all these most of us feel incomplete or directionless and want to give a different ethereal color to life and to our existence on this planet. We want to know the purpose of our lives. We want to know what happens after life. We want to leave our imprints in history and time. And we stumble upon spirituality. Once you realize that there is more to life, life is not the same anymore. Now, there is no turning back!

Ancient Indian Philosophies of Vedanta and Yoga is one of the paths that help the seeker to get closer to the truth. Old wise Yogis were aware of the dilemmas of mankind, and they have thus formulated the cure to all our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual puzzles in Yoga. The various methods and practices of Yoga inadvertently develop in the practitioner a holistic way of living. It develops a refreshingly positive way to look at life and the world.

We at the Omkar Yoga studio will assist you in conquering negative thoughts and to cultivate positive thoughts

The Year 2017 marked a new beginning in my life when i took an intensive 8-weeks Yoga Teachers Training Program at the Sivananda Ashram Grass Valley and there after envisioned this dream together of creating a pathway to preach authentic classical yogic knowledge – Omkar Yoga Studio.

Our teachings are based purely on the classical yoga sutras Eight-limbed path{Ashtanga Yoga): A safe and step by step approach to reach the goal of self-realization.

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